Scouts - 10½ to 14 years
Wednesdays: 7.30pm - 9.00pm

Jump in and get muddy.
Give back and get set. Scouts ignore the butterflies and go for it, and soon so will you.

Are you ready to join the adventure?

Our Groups Meet on Wednesday Evenings

at The Scout Hut (Behind Orbit Tyres), Skinners Hill, Rushden, NN10 9YE

Being a Scout

When you join Scouts, you’ll be introduced to lots of new activities, people and things.

Scout accessories

From t-shirts to lunch boxes, water bottles and scratch poster to keep track of your little one’s achievements, we have it all.


Scouts start small but think big, always challenging themselves to do more and be more. It starts with an award.
Who knows where it might lead?

Activity & Staged Badges

Become an expert in something you love, or try something shiny and new. From athletics and astronomy to photography and pioneering, there’s something for everyone.

Scount uniform and badge placement

You don't need a uniform to join. But once you've settled in, you'll start speedily earning badges, and you'll need to know where to put them!

Moving up to Scouts

Master something you love, or try something shiny and new. If it spurs you on or stirs your interest, we’ve probably got a badge for it.

Scout leaders

All of our leaders are trained volunteers working to make Scouts the best it can be, but we don’t just need swashbuckling adventurers to lead our expeditions. We also need tidy-uppers and tea-makers and great listeners from all walks of life – for as much or as little time as they can spare.

Find out about volunteering >

Scout Promise

On my honour,
I promise that I will do my best,
To do my duty to  the Queen,
To help other people and to keep the Scout Law
Download our membeship form

Joining has never been easier!